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San Pedro de Atacama is not only well-known by its great beauty: crafts also play a very important roll in its growth and it is one of the most developed activities of the area.

San Pedro de Atacama area is rich in crafts, due to its elaboration is a tradition that has been transferred like an ancestral rite from generation to generation.

Between its creations we can find beautiful and fines wool weaves of llama, alpaca and ewe.

Also characteristic of the zone is the volcanic stone crafts in the area of Toconao. As far as the ceramics, reproductions of the atacameños ceramics are made, done by expert hands of craftsmen of the zone.

It is possible to emphasize the work made in cactus wood, that creates original and unique bredbaskets, screens, musical instruments and decorations.

A new kind of craft has also arisen that mix the native original models with own ideas of the craftsmen from other places; this mixture gives origin to creations in metals, resin, works with seeds of chañar and tamarugo, as well as original textiles and leather products.

In San Pedro abundant crafts creations can be found, as much as to take a souvenir from the area for special gifts.