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Tatio Geysers

Tatio Geysers Tatio Geysers


It is a geothermal field located in the Andes mountain range, being the highest of world (4,200 mts of height) and it is located at 89 kilometers of San Pedro. It in the morning early hours presents an impressive steam fumaroles activity produced by the high temperatures of its watery craters. It is surrounded by hills that reach 5900 meters of height.

To the tourists is recommended to take thick clothes, bath suit, towel, sun protector and mineral water. It is without doubt one of the most wonderful spectacles offered by the atacama desert.

Its mineral salts edges are soft, is necessary to have precaution when approaching. The colorful of the ground and the sky stands out among the steam columns of 7 meters height, under the first sun rays. It is a wonderful spectacle. In the environs there is thermal pools where is possible to take a bath.

Approximately between 06:00 and 07:00 hours the maximum expession of these steam fumaroles take place with temperatures that reach 85°C, and that emerge from the Earth with force arriving at approximate heights between 7 and 8 mts. In the trip and in the place, it is possible to observe vicunas, llamas, ñandues and vizcachas, while in the flora emphasize the giant cactus, llaretas and coiron. The temperature in the morning fluctuates between 15°C and 2°C under cero at night.

The place also counts with thermal water pools, with mineral deposits, which upholster 10 km2 of the geothermal field, while, at heart, the snow volcanoes summits stand out against a metallic blue sky.

With its famous frame and spectacular scene the Geisers of San Pedro de Atacama are clearly one of attractive more impressive to visit.