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Los Chañares Camping

Ckilapana #624 - San Pedro de Atacama
Los Chañares Camping Los Chañares Camping Los Chañares Camping

Ideal for those who like camping traveling, this place is a great alternative, because is not only economic, but also counts with a kitchen for passengers to prepare their meals.

Located at Chikalapana, five blocks from the downtown of San Pedro.

It's charged USD $3 daily per person.

The camping is equipped with restrooms and shared showers.

There are faucets to get water in 5 areas of the camping.

There are also rooms for USD $6 daily per person.

This camping is open only in the following dates:

  • January 1st to March 15th
  • Holly Week
  • July 15th to August 15th
  • National Holidays (September 18th)


  • Equipped kitchen
  • Restrooms and shared showers
  • Room rentals

Additional Information

  • Reservation Phone: +56 (09) 626 3157
  • Information Phone: +56 (09) 626 3157



  • Kitchenette