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San Pedro de Atacama Campings

Here are the deals for campings in San Pedro de Atacama.


  • Puritama Hostel & Camping

    Puritama Hostel & Camping

    Caracoles #113, San Pedro de Atacama

    A beautiful place, where you can find a great variety of lodging, entertainment and hospitality. Located in the main street of San Pedro de Atacama, Puritama Hostel is built with adobe, maintaining the harmony with the surroundings. The Hostel offers...

  • Los Chañares Camping

    Los Chañares Camping

    Ckilapana #624, San Pedro de Atacama

    Ideal for those who like camping traveling, this place is a great alternative, because is not only economic, but also counts with a kitchen for passengers to prepare their meals. Located at Chikalapana, five blocks from the downtown of San Pedro. It's...